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At Jalowiec Law, LLC we work hard to protect all that you have built.  Whether you are just starting a family, or are beginning retirement, it is always the right time to assess your estate needs. 

Matthew J. Jalowiec, Esq. has spent years working hand in hand with families in preserving their estates.  At Jalowiec Law, LLC, your estate is viewed as having more than just financial accounts.  When inventorying your “Estate” you should consider all your life’s accomplishments as stock in your estate.  Perhaps you have a spouse, children or grandchildren you want to consider.  They are priceless assets in your estate.  Protecting them is as important as protecting your Real Estate, 401Ks and IRAs.

A Comprehensive Estate Plan in the 21st Century should include not just a Last Will & Testament, but thorough consideration of Real Property Management, Advanced Directives, Insurance Supports, Child Care, and Long Term Health Care.  Attorney Jalowiec can discuss with you the many ways each of the foregoing interrelate to your estate planning goals.

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